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Travel & Hip Hop's 2015 Journey!!!

Lamanai Cultural Site In Belize

The Coca Leaf

Tupac Amaru

Food For Thought

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def

Live From Brazil

Michu Picchu Trek

My South American Tour

The Amazon Rainforest

Live From Cotacachi, Ecuador

Reimagine Event at the SETAI Wall Street

Comedian Godfrey & Salim El Bey

Know My Story, Before My Glory

My Life & Time: A Throwback Classic Video

From The Streets To Sucess: This is my Testimony

Poetry Flow & Truth

Travel & Hip Hop World Tour

Travel & Hip Hop The Movement

My Spritual Trek

ATV Sierra Madre Jungle Tour

Wild Dolphin Adventure & Journey

The Offical Travel & Hip Hop Logo©

I am Salim El Bey

Hip Hop & Mother Earth

The Mexican Color Contrast

The Puerto Vallarta Zoo

Open Letter To The Black Community: You Are Responsible For Your Negative Portrayal In The Media

Spreading Love is the HipHop Way

Spreading Love Through HipHop

Snorkeling Life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Vallarta Botanical Gardens Adventure in Mexico

Welcome to Dubai

Golden Souk Market in Dubai

Live From inside of the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai

Spreading Love is the Salim El-Bey and Indian way Part 2

Spreading Love is the Salim El-Bey and Indian Way Part 1

Taj Mahal in Jaipur

Amer Fort Palace, In Rajasthan state, India.

Fatehpur Sikri Temple & Palace in India

Qutub Minar, India's First Mulism Sultan

Salim El-Bey aka The Black John Wayne

Groot Constantia Wine & Chocolate Tasting

Cage White Shark Diving

The CapePoint LightHouse in SouthAfrica

The Cape Of GoodHope in SouthAfrica

Lion Head Park in SouthAfrica

Pilanesberg Safari in SouthAfrica


Skating Live From CapeTown SouthAfrica

From Brooklyn To SouthAfrica(SkaterLife)

Breaking The Stereotypes