The older I'm getting and the more I'm becoming a certified world traveler, I realize that it's not the shoe that makes the man. It's the man who makes the shoe. What I mean is I would rather buy a pair of Converse sneakers that only cost between 25$ to 40$ before I spend money on a pair of shoes that could be a plane ticket to somewhere exotic! I love wearing my Chuck Taylor's in a new country, and I look forward to getting them a little scuffed up by walking, skating, hiking, jogging, and working out in them. Pretty much I love beating the f**k up outta my Chucks because I feel like beat up Chucks tell a story over just wearing your typical J's! You can tell a lot by a man by his personality and how he takes care of his shoes- but before you judge a man by his shoes you should feel out his energy to see if his shoes matches his personality! Because nice J's on a persons feet who hasn't walked in them outside of their environment is like getting a passport and not truly putting it to use. The purpose of me writing this post is to let people know when you travel overseas to certain countries, people don't care about about the superficial designer materials on your back or feet. It's all about your personality & vibrant energy! My worn out Chucks have more value in them then a pair of J's that cost between 150$ to 300$! Most people buy these expensive shoes with no story, or life experiences behind the expensive hype over the sneaker they bought that only coast 2$ to make. You have to ask yourself is it really worth standing in line for a shoe that will cost you the same price as a passport!?

I wish more people could see that Traveling, and interacting with other people's cultures is way more important then buying a shoe that's way overpriced! The moral of the story is stop buying expensive shoes to only remain local bound. Buy a pair of inexpensive Chucks & plant the soles of them on international soil and give them new life, energy and a story you can forever tell. Chucks Taylor's are more than a shoe..... they represent a Lifestyle & Cultual movement.

-Salim El Bey


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