The Coca Leaf

Here's Another Travel & Hip Hop History Fun Fact:

Did you know that coca leaves were actually used by the Inca-indigenous people in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and certain parts of Colombia as an herbal medicine to help with headaches and stomachaches? The Inca people would walk to the highest point of the Inca-trail, finding a hole and would use it as a spiritual ritual by throwing 3 coca leaves inside of it, which meant Tayta the father, Inti the son, and Patcha mama-The earth.
Don't let the media or unknowledgeable people brainwash you to believe that the coca leaves were only used for Illegal purpose. Also Coco-cola uses the plant as one of their main ingredients and has to pay Peru & Bolivia a certain percentage of the company's revenue. "Learn the history behind the history." -Salim El Bey


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