From The Streets To Sucess: This is my Testimony

I remember back In the day, before my career in fitness, when I was homeless sleeping in the classrooms at Howard University during my comedy days as comedian Kizzy Conway. I remember calling up to WKYS on my old Nokia cell phone and doing short comedy skits on Jeannie Jones & Cuban The Cigar Smoker's voicemail every week because I wanted to have a Comedy Of The Hour Skit!

I told myself when I make it big as a Jet Setter, I would return back to DC & "Illadelphia" and give back to the same two cities who made me the Creator that I am today! I want people to see themselves through me, and to truly understand my story before they look and judge my glory and assume that it just happened overnight. My success is a reality of my past thoughts, goals, dreams & inspiration from those lonely homeless nights. Now I'm where I am today because I just kept believing in myself and never gave up!


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