Know My Story, Before My Glory

After retiring from the fitness game, I have finally found the time to focus on what's truly important to me which is Traveling, Hip Hop,The Conscious Community, & my Friends/Family. I have been blessed to accomplish all that I have done within the Fitness world as a leader and mentor, not only for adults but for the youth. I've spoken at countless prestigious universities, ranked as one of NYC's Top Trainers, been in magazines, newspapers and also hosted & organized notable events. However I was still overlooked by the media and was eventually black-balled in the fitness industry, to make a long story short, ultimately because I refused to be a coon.

I used my political voice/lifestyle to keep it Hip Hop within the fitness game by taking a stand on the issues that were happening in urban communities. This eventually led to doors & opportunities closing on me, which caused me to struggle and lose everything I worked so hard for. I lost my apartment, truck, certain friends/associates, business deals and other material possessions. I had to start all over again, but still took the limited funds I had to feed and help kids who were in need, all while continuing to mentor and keep troubled teens off the streets and in school.

I kept my head high during these tribulations because I knew it was just a minor setback for a major comeback. I also knew my time was going to truly come and it surely did. Five months later I went from struggling to living in CapeTown, South Africa, and signing a modeling contract to one of the number one agencies in the world. From that day on- the rest is self explanatory! Know my Story, before my Glory!

I am Salim El Bey, the Creator & Founder of Travel & Hip Hop!


  1. You should be proud of your accomplishments. Our people have always been survivors: ingenuity, pride, and community. Make your own success!


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