The Lost Culture/History of Black Americans

When you travel outside of America as a person of color and visit indigenous cultures/tribes, you realize how much of our culture has been stripped away from us down to our spiritual beliefs, holiday celebrations & food! Every other culture on this planet knows who they are and where they come from except us! The American school systems have taught us to believe that our history started with slavery! We were once Kings, Queens, Scientists, Accountants, Moors, Spiritual Healers, Architects, Mathematicians, and more, so never think for one second that our history & culture we once had before started with slavery! We must do better and truly get back to our original indigenous roots, but first we must know where we come from, other than the states & areas where we were raised. We as a race must stop living a European American lifestyle & culture that was forced upon us! It's time to know and rediscover who we truly are!

-Salim El Bey


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