Salim El Bey's 5th Year Half Naked Workout 4 Cancer Anniversary

Today, the Travel & Hip Hop Family celebrate the 5th year anniversary of Salim's world famous "Half Naked Workout For Cancer" Awareness event he held in the heart of Times Square! The reason why El Bey decided to workout half naked in the middle of January, while only wearing a pink speedo Is because his dad Leonard Brickhouse & his former client Nick Keefe had lost their battles to cancer. Nick passed away a few days before El Bey's event and his death gave Salim the extra motivation to embark on a historic movement, by exercising & raising awareness to the public. This video is humorous but very informational.

This video is dedicated to Nick's son Tyler & Salim's friend Sherri Nichole who just lost her mother, and to anyone who is battling cancer or lost a love one!

Salim's special dedication: Wanda Bell I did this for Dad! Melissa Hansen Keefe sending my blessings to you and Tyler! Culture Everlasting, Artist X, Mike Hinton, Toshia Sake, Christopher and Kristen. Thank you guys for being out there with me in the cold as we all made history together!

Click on link below to watch video!


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