My Unexpected Performance in Puerto Vallarta

The evening of Saturday August 13, 2016, couldn't have been scripted any better because everything that happened to me came unexpectedly. I started my night with dinner with friends and watching live music at this really nice lounge called the Jazz Foundation which is one of Puerto Vallarta's top Jazz Clubs. As the night continues my brother from another mother Mike suggested that we should go to a reggae club that is literally built on the beach. So we all agreed and headed over there. 

As soon as I walked in the place all eyes were on me like it was the return of Bob Marley. The Mexican people who were jamming out to the music were curious about who I was and where I was from, even the Jamaican Band was really surprised/happy to see another Black Dread Mon. 

The energy I received by the people caught the attention of the head vocalist of the band. He stopped the music and called me up to perform which took me by complete surprise! It took me a moment to process what was actually happening, but I had no time to stand and wait because my number was called and I had no choice but to perform and entertain the crowd on a beautiful Puerto Vallarta night!!!!

-I Am Salim El Bey


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