Buyani Bo The Movie Coming Soon!

Beautiful and Words by Ziphozihle Kati

"So this past week we shot some shots for the short film Buyani Bo. It was great to work with genuine and beautiful souls, Salim El Bey as co-actor and Tania Dineo Pehl as photographer. Watch out for the drop.

The story is simple. This is short film is an expression of the process of reclaiming power and identity. Salim El Bey is the personification of the diaspora and Ziphozihle Kati of Africa. They connect and learn from one another, whilst also inheriting some knowledge from a wise elder. Watch our for the drop." Check this #sneakpeek pic

Much Peace And Love
N.B, the amazing cloak you see me wearing is a Kahvarah Creation, Afropolitan style at its best.


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